Competitive Program

2014-06-30 US AG Nationals, 12(4)

AZD Competitive Program

The Competitive Program is designed for athletes who have made a commitment to synchronized swimming and strive to attend nearly all practices. Swimmers and families must commit to the full competition season, and be willing to take/send their daughters to all eligible competitions, which may include traveling around the state or country.

Competitions: Swimmers will compete at all eligible meets, which may include competitions out-of-state. Most competitions are weekend meets. This usually includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please see the tentative ASSA Competition Schedule for approximate dates and locations.

Practice Schedule: Competitive swimmers practice 3-5 days a week – 3-5 hours per practice.

Commitment Requirements: Swimmers are expected to attend all scheduled practices, however in the event of an illness or conflict, please speak with a coach prior to missing a practice. As a Team, our goal will be to qualify on to Regional and National meets. This will include traveling to competitions. With some of these travel meets, the swimmer is required to travel with the team, coaches and chaperones. Others meets will be the families responsibility to make travel arrangements.

As a coaching staff, we will meet with swimmers individually at the beginning of the season to help swimmers determine their goals, not only for this season, but beyond.