What Happens at a Meet?


*Approximately two weeks before the meet, coaches will distribute the “Meet Packet” this packet will provide all necessary information for the meet. This includes meet schedule, arrival times, etc.


An entry registration form for each event (figures, solo, duet, trio, and team) is submitted for each girl entered in a meet. Coaches will collect and submit the registration fees and entries. The entries are submitted to the competition designated Scoring Chairperson, at least 14 days before competition. Your daughter’s statement will account for any necessary meet entry fees. Entry fees will be billed on the monthly statement for which the swim meet occurs.

The Meet Manager distributes a tentative schedule prior to the meet. Information regarding hotel accommodations, travel arrangements, and directions to the pool facility is included. Depending on whether the meet is within the Phoenix area, Tucson area, or out-of-state travel, responsibilities differ. It is important to notify the coach IN WRITING, no less than 30 days prior to the competitions if your daughter will not be attending a meet. Failure to do so will result in your account will be assessed the meet fees. Illness, unfortunately, is not an exception since fees are submitted well in advance of a meet. These fees are usually nominal, but you are responsible for paying them.


It is important to have your swimmer at the pool on time. This allows enough time to settle bags, unload your car, find your AZD team, look up your swimmer’s placement on the “order of draw”, and get ready to warm up. Your individual coach will let you know what time they need your daughters at the pool.

“Order of Draw” is a random selection of each swimmer or routine to determine the order of competition. All of the girl’s entries are compiled and drawn for order of position by age group (i.e., 10 & Under, 11-12 etc.). The order of draw is posted on a wall for viewing before competition begins.

In the figure competition, the positions drawn are assigned a panel. There are generally four panels, but it depends on the number of certified judges available. Each panel judges a specific figure. Swimmers’ assigned to each figure panel are announced prior to the beginning of competition. If you are unsure where your swimmer should be, ask the “Reader” stationed at each panel. There is generally a break between the figure and routine competition that enables the swimmers to prepare for the routine competition (knoxing the hair, applying makeup, changing into routine suits, land drilling etc.).

Solo, duet, trio, team routines are performed by category and age group. The predetermined schedule listed on the meet announcement is tentative and often changes, based on the number of entries, weather and judges. Due to unannounced schedule changes, do not leave the pool. If it is necessary to leave a competition early, please make arrangements with your coach ahead of time.


There will be an awards ceremony at the conclusion of each meet. Awards are given for the top eight (8) places in each age group, for figures, solos, duets, trios, and team routines. Medals are awarded for first, second and third place with ribbons presented for fourth through eighth place. For the awards ceremony, Desert Dolphins are to wear the official team uniform, as designated by the coaches. It is important that ALL team members and coaches are present for the awards ceremony!