Meet Etiquette


We would like to remind everyone of the etiquette necessary at meets, in order to provide a safe environment and an atmosphere that is fair to all competitors.

During figure competition, no one is allowed near the swimmers, judges or scoring tables except those persons working in an official capacity at that time. Parents wishing to videotape figures will be allowed to do so provided that there is no disruption of the meet. Officials are not to take notes on scores. Please devote your full attention to your assigned duties. Parents and friends should not be sharing scores with competitors. Swimmers need to concentrate on their performance and not worry about their scores or the scores of other competitors. Once figure competition begins, practice and coaching ends! Swimmers are to enter and exit the water as quietly as possible without disturbing others. No more than three swimmers should be waiting in the water at each panel. On occasion, exceptions may be made due to weather or pool temperature conditions. While waiting in the water to perform your next figure, remain quietly against the pool wall without disturbing the water. Any other behavior is rude and unfair to other swimmers as well as distracting to the judges. If it is necessary to talk to someone, keep voices as quiet as possible. Scorers and judges need to be able to hear the scores being announced.

During routine competition, there should be absolute quiet after the referee blows the whistle. Swimmers and timers have to be able to hear when the music begins. Once swimmers are in the water, please cheer and applaud as much as you like. NO ONE except officials and workers should be walking around near the competitive area during a routine.

We are sure that everyone wants a meet that is safe and fair to everyone involved. An adult MUST supervise other children attending the meet at ALL TIMES. Accidents can happen on deck or in the water, including wading or baby pools.


Please remember that while on deck at competitions we are all representing the Desert Dolphins, AZ Synchro, and the entire sport of synchronized swimming. As Desert Dolphins, let’s make sure we always represent ourselves in the best manner possible. Please refrain from talking negatively about other teams, their parents or swimmers. In addition please follow the rules put forth by USA Synchro regarding Recruiting on Deck. For your convenience, part of this is found below. The full Policy is listed in Appendix J of the USA Synchronized Swimming Handbook.



Purpose: The following policies apply to athlete recruitment and the subsequent transfer by a Regular or Master Athlete from one USSS club to another.

1. Initiating Contact.

a. Absolutely no recruitment and/or contact regarding recruitment or transfer is allowed during or at any USSS sanctioned event by any athlete or any registered club.

b. The initial contact between the athlete and the prospective new club may be made only by the athlete or his/her parent or guardian.


2. Notification of Intent to Transfer. Within 10 days of the initial contact, the prospective new club shall notify, in writing:

a. The Club where the athlete is currently registered;

b. The coach of the club where that athlete is currently registered;

c. The USSS Association where the athlete is currently registered; and

d. The USSS Association where the new club is located, if different from that in c.


3. Waiting Period. The waiting period before competing for a new club is contained in Article 21.01


4. Financial Obligation. Transferring athletes shall fulfill all financial obligations to the previous club.