AZD Competitive Team Assistant Coach – Christine


Christine McMaster-Shah

Competitive Team Head Coach

Christine fell in love with the sport of synchronized swimming when, at 7, her mom signed her up for the City of Mesa Parks and Rec summer program. After 5 summers in recreational Synchro, Christine made the move to a year round competitive team, the Arizona Aqua Stars. As an Aqua Star, Christine traveled extensively and competed in several Junior National and Age Group National competitions. In 2003 she qualified for Junior National team trials and her team won gold at the Age Group National Competition. The following year she took home silver in duet.

Christine began coaching at 14 by volunteering with the City of Mesa programs. Since then, she has coached several competitive teams in Arizona and Colorado. She began coaching with the Arizona Desert Dolphins in 2006 when the team first began and has spent a combined 6 years with the team. Her 22 years in this sport have shown a lot of changes and she feels it gets more exciting with every season. She is looking forward to working with the girls on technique in both routines and figures. She feels that synchronized swimming provides great life skills to swimmers in learning to find balance, leadership, hard work, and determination. Christine is working on her Level 2 Coaching Certification and Level 3 Judging Certification.

Christine has a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Denver and currently works for a non-profit in Phoenix.