Rainy Day Policy

Weather Conditions are variables that we cannot control.  Cancellations based on weather will be made by the AZD Coaching Staff.  Although we have been extremely fortunate in the past with severe weather and lightning/thunderstorms, we can never be certain of what Mother Nature will throw our way. With this in mind, we have established the following Rainy-Day Policy and Procedures:

If there are severe weather conditions, lightning, or if the aquatics facility/parking lot is considered unsafe, the AZD Coaching Staff may cancel practice. We regret that we cannot reschedule or refund time or days missed due to weather related cancellations.

Rainy-day cancellations will be posted to our Facebook page, twitter feed, and sent out by email and text message. When possible, the coaching staff will make a decision 1 hour prior to the start of practice. Please be understanding if a last minute cancellation is made by the coach.  Every effort will be made to notify participants as soon as a decision is made.