The Arizona Desert Dolphins believe in keeping the fees and costs associated with participation as reasonable as possible. In order to do so, fundraising is an integral part of being a member of our club team. The average amount needed by fundraising is approximately $350 per family.

Fundraising pays for the following:

  • Pool hourly rental fees
  • Competition expenses for coaches
  • Yearly banquets/awards
  • Team equipment/supplies
  • Competition Costumes
  • Marketing/business expenses

Each family has 3 options to cover this cost:

  • Option 1 – Participate in team fundraisers
  • Option 2 – Secure corporate sponsorships for AZD
  • Option 3- Opt-Out Payout

Option 1-Team Fundraisers:  The goal of team fundraisers is to collect $350 profit per family.  The fundraising options change from year to year and are based on desired participation. Some examples are: Jamba Juice Cards, Krispy Kreme, Makeup Erasers, Team Bags, Butter Braids and AZD Spirit Shirts. If your family is not able to collect $350 profit from all fundraisers, your team account will be charged the difference between $350 and the amount you raised.

• Option 2 – Company Sponsorships: The goal of this option is to meet a minimum of $350 in Corporate Sponsorships per family.  If you are interested in this option,please follow our sponsorship policies and guidelines.

• Option 3 – Opt-Out Payout: Families may opt-out of the Team Fundraisers by making a donation to the team of $350. Payment arrangements can be made with our team treasure.

* Parent consensus was to NOT run the Catching Cupid Event this year as a Team Fundraiser. As participation in the Tri was mandatory in previous years, the funds generated by the Triathlon ($200 per family) were not included in previous years Opt-Out amount.