Email will be our primary form of communication. Please make sure you have an email address that you or someone in your family is able to check on a daily basis. In the event we need to cancel or change a practice, emails will be sent to each family.


For families that have phones with texting capabilities, we will use a text to send out quick information. A couple examples of this would be to let you know of a practice cancellation due to weather. Or, if we send an important email, we’ll send you a text to let you know to check your email. If you would like to receive our texts, please indicate soon the Desert Dolphin Communication signature page.


For families that wish to do so, you may follow us on several social media sites. We encourage following us on Twitter, Facebook, and our blog, as another way to stay in touch. Calendar changes, upcoming events, exciting news will all be posted on our social media sites, and it’s a great way to stay connected and in the loop.


Facebook:    Arizona Desert Dolphins Synchronized Swim Team

Twitter:        azdolphins



There will be several parent meetings that we ask for your attendance at throughout the year.

Parent Orientation: This is required for new families. It will be Thursday August 25th at 6pm at Skyline Pool.

Watershow Planning: each family must be represented on a watershow committee, and commit to helping with the watershow duties. Our planning meeting for the watershow will be sometime early next year. Emails with the date will be sent to each family.

End of the Year Wrap-up: each year we end our season with a wrap-up meeting, we also like to use this opportunity to work with parents on ideas or changes we may potentially implement for the following season. Emails with the date will be sent to each family.


In addition, there may be times that your daughter’s coach needs to meet with the team parents. Please try to make yourself available to attend these meetings, if they are planned.


Anytime you have a quick question, or concern, regarding anything from the calendar, to monthly dues, to meets… our Parent Liaison is the best and fastest to get information from, if she can’t answer it for you, she’ll get you an answer as soon as possible. Having a parent liaison allows the coaches to concentrate on their coaching responsibilities during practice time.

Our Parent Liaison is Jessie Nichols, she is also our Treasurer, and can answer any money questions you have as well!


A file box is stored at the pool and is accessible to all swimmers and parents during practices. This box will have a file folder with your athlete’s last name on it. This box is mainly for your monthly statements. Please make a habit of checking this box on a consistent & regular basis. There is a Monthly Fee file in the Communication Box. Monthly fees/checks may be placed in there at the first of each month.



There may be times we choose to utilize a phone tree to pass on important information. A phone/address list will be distributed, via email, after registration. Please keep this list handy.




E-mail:                   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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