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Recreational and League

Recreational and League

Recreational and League


  The Recreational and League Programs are an extension of Mesa's Parks and Recreation summer programs.  This is the perfect place for swimmers who enjoy synchro, but may not be able to make the time or financial commitment to the Competitive Program.     

Our practices incorporate basic swimming skills, dance, Pilates, yoga, stretching, flexibility and of course, artistic swimming!

Beginning Competitive

Recreational and League

Recreational and League


 The Beginning Competitive Program is designed for athletes who are new to this sport, but may not be ready to fully commit to the Competitive Program.  Practices are held 2-3 times per week with 4-5 Saturday competitions throughout the school year.  Season runs August - June.

Advanced Competitive

Recreational and League

Advanced Competitive


 The Competitive Program is designed for athletes who have made a commitment to synchronized swimming.  Swimmers and families must commit to the full competition season (August - June) and be willing to take or send their daughters to all eligible competitions, which may include traveling around the state or country. Competitions usually run from Friday - Sunday.   

Summer programs also available!


Can swimmers touch the bottom of the pool?

No, they're not allowed to!  f they do, they'll be penalized.  Pools are a minimum of 9 feet deep, so all the lifts you see are swimmers showing their strength!

How long can they hold their breath?

Synchro swimmers like to say 'as long as necessary', but in truth, it can be up to 30 seconds in a routine.  Continuing quick movements while holding one's breath is the equivalent of running without breathing.

Can they hear the music underwater?

Yes, they can via underwater speakers.

What's up with their hair?

To keep their hair from moving and to create a uniform team appearance, swimmers apply Knox gelatine.  Once hardened, it acts as a shiny swim cap.   It takes a lot of hot water and patience to remove!

How many hours do swimmers practice?

Between 5-20, depending on the level of swimmer.   They train both in and out of the water using a diverse set of workouts to develop strength and conditioning.  

But it looks easy!

Swimmers smile to make you think that it is!  Strong presentation skills and stamina are hallmarks of this sport.